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The Gospel According to Chris

Chris Ross (STNA) with Bob Speelman (Foundations Health VP) at Tuscany Gardens.

November 23, 2021
NOTE: This was taken from the blog of Foundations Health Solutions leader Bob Speelman. Bob works closely and frequently communicates with our Foundations Health facilities. It is so inspiring to see how each care team embodies the vision of our founder and nursing home developer, Brian Colleran, to be "A Culture of Care."

I just spent the day at Tuscany Gardens, our 123-bed facility located in Pataskala, Ohio, just East of Columbus. I had the honor of working alongside a veteran Nurse Aide by the name of Chris Ross. Chris just turned 54 this month. She worked 20 years at Grant Hospital as a Nurse Aide and then spent several years babysitting. When babysitting wasn’t paying the bills, Chris decided to go back to what she loved and applied at Tuscany Gardens. Chris applied to be a Nurse Aide at Tuscany Gardens about eight years ago and I am so glad she did!

Chris has two sons in their 30’s and a daughter in her 20’s. There’s just something about our veteran Nursing Assistants, with all their life experiences of having raised their families, that brings a sense of confidence, calmness, and mother’s love to the job. As we went room to room, Chris would tell the female residents as we entered, “I brought you a Man!”

The resident’s faces would light up, and we all got a good laugh out of it.

As Chris would talk to the residents you got the sense that she was speaking to a beloved family member. She took her time to make sure she listened to what they wanted and needed and made sure they were completely content before moving on.

As the day went on, I thought of how lucky we are to have Chris in our company. She demonstrates our Culture of Care in everything she says and does. She is the perfect example of all that is good about being a caregiver.

“You’re writing a Gospel,

a chapter a day,

by the deeds that you do,

by the words that you say.

Men read what you write,

whether faithless or true;

Say, what is the gospel

according to you?”

- Paul Gilbert

Thank you to Chris and all our veteran Nursing Assistants out there! Your example is invaluable, and the experiences you bring to the table help all of us want to become better caregivers. Thanks for “taking me to Church!”

Bob Speelman, STNA

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